Canal+ Distribution Czech is part of M7 Group, which is owned by Canal+. M7 Group is a major European pay-tv operator offering language-specific packages to over three million subscribers in eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Having started as a satellite TV operator, M7 has now become a platform agnostic TV provider, adding IPTV, DTT and OTT capabilities where that best fits the preferred local way of TV consumption. As part of the Canal+ family adding content creates a powerful combination for end customers in the different markets.

Canal+ Distribution Czech (CD-CZ) is nestled in Prague and have the goal to grow and build out with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and resellers with TV and content propositions. As part of the initial team we are looking for a IPTV Technical Lead.


Stream Group is part of M7 Group, which is owned by Canal+ Luxembourg. Offices are located in Roermond and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Since 2015 Stream Group is part of the M7 Group / Canal+ Luxembourg. Stream Group has today approximately 60+ people working in the field of IPTV streaming services. Stream Group currently service more than 15 brands with interactive TV Services on various platforms (Mobile/Web/Smart TV’s/Set top boxes).


The role is part of CD-CZ. Formally reporting to the Managing Director (MD) of CD-CZ, however functionally the IPTV Technical Lead is reporting to the In-Live Manager (ILM) of Stream Group in the Netherlands. In the role you will support the commercial Account Manager of CD-CZ with your technical knowledge of the M7 video platform and its operational performance with the goal to grow the ISPs business in CZ. In the role you are the go-between for all technical questions related to the sales process and in live operations of the new ISPs business in CZ. You will have a key role in the success of CD-CZ!

As a service M7 (via Stream Group) operates an IPTV platform including content packages. M7 offers this as a service for ISPs. Challenge is to bridge with your knowledge and connections the knowledge gap and questions from ISPs and/or the commercial team in CZ as part of the sales process as well as in live. In the role you will work besides the team of Stream Group, closely with M7 Operations, the IT department (Ezilly) for provisioning and the technical teams of the ISPs. The position is based in Brno/Prague/Ostrava for at least two days a week.

At Stream Group you work closely with the product owners of:

1. Product owner TVE (mobile and web clients);
2. Product owner Portal (Smart TV & STB’s);
3. Product owner CDN (Streaming Platform / Engineering);
4. Product owner SDP (back end system);

At least once a month you have to travel to the office of Stream Group in Roermond, The Netherlands.

You work with Analyzing tooling like Tableau, Grafana, Broadpeak Video Analytics and Jira. You will help to improve the “initial” startup of an new ISP with the Skylink TV service and manage the in-live process of the ISPs.


  • Accompanies account manager in the sales process, supporting with presentations on set up as well as analyzing the general performance of Skylink customers on the networks of ISPs.
  • As part of the onboarding of the new ISP advice on best set up for the network connection. Plus hands on supporting of the ISP on questions related to the best set up and operational performance of the IPTV product.
  • Once a ISP is implemented, support account management as well as the ISP with regular insights on the general performance of the IPTV product as well as specifics for the ISP set up including possible improvements.
  • As a voice of the commercial team in CZ and the ISP, listen to requests for the roadmap, help to quantify and enlist the requested changes with the Stream Group team for future roadmap.
  • As part of in live support present to ISP the roadmap and manage where needed the technical implementations of the changes.
  • You will advise and inform the Product owners of Stream Group with new info that you received from your counterparts and/or from statistics and reports.
  • Spider in the web to ensure everything gets done in time and nothing will be forgotten or overlooked.
  • Reports weekly to management with insights.


  • More than 5 years of professional experience;
  • Excelling in cross-functional teams finding solutions and directions;
  • To be passionate about technical set up of the IPTV platform and related technologies;  
  • Knowledge of the technologies involved in IPTV and consumer video hardware;
  • Knowledge about streaming like manifests, debugging in browser are a pre;
  • Company in the fields of IPTV and ISP is a pre;
  • Being a team player;
  • Good communications skills towards internal and external parties;
  • Fluency in local language as well as English;
  • Preference for candidate already working within M7;
  • Self-learning ability;
  • Proactive; agile; flexible and analytics.


  • 40-hour working week
  • Company car or travel compensation
  • 25 days holidays
  • Bonus scheme
  • Laptop and mobile phone subscription
  • Competitive salary

Interested by this opportunity?

Please send your CV and cover letter to:

H-Stream BV
Attention: Mr. H. Geraats
The Netherlands

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